My 100th Blog Post!

I’m proud and happy to be able to say that this is my 100th post to all my appreciated followers! My first post began about three years ago and had a grand total of six views. My audience has grown a bit since then and continues to expand to people and places that I never could have anticipated. My posts started out to inform area residents of what was going on here in the quiet countryside of Voyager Village, but they have certainly reached beyond the scope of my intention.

Almost everyday I see more and more of you liking my blog and signing up to follow it. This certainly touches my heart with warmth and I hope to follow up with the goods that you desire. So let me know when you like something or want to see or learn more about a specific topic; otherwise, I will continue to wander along touching on the things that I’m blessed to see and enjoy.

As the amount and intensity of summer sunlight in our little neck of the woods increases, so does the presence of wildflowers and the creatures that depend on them. After getting home from a long day at work yesterday I was happily greeted by sights of multiple butterflies and bees in my flower gardens. It was nice to see a few monarchs around after having some rough years where their beauty was mostly absent from our landscape. As the wannabe(e) beekeeper that I am, I’m certainly aware of how important these early flowers are for the nectar gathering wildlife. I’m always amazed at how hard us beekeepers work to keep our honey bees happy and yet so many of our many natural pollinators do it with seemingly with ease.

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If you were in bed this morning sleeping (when most sane people are), you missed a short but intense partial sunrise followed by a storm front that quickly blew in and produced some 45-50 MPH wind gusts.  The combination of light and storm made for a interesting view from our shop.

Thanks again for your support and I will talk to you soon!

-Steve Johnson



8 thoughts on “My 100th Blog Post!

  1. Dixie Stovern

    I have enjoyed your blog from the beginning! Ron’s gone and I don’t enjoy coming up alone. House will soon be in someone else’s hands but keep the great photos and info coming.


  2. Rudy Niemiec

    Steve, we are anxiously awaiting the next 100 posts. Your photos are wonderful, especially the ones you take when we are still sleeping.

    Rudy and Jean Niemiec


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