Still Small, Still Mighty, Still Winter

This week the one hundred pound firecracker that we call Betty was back at work. She helped organize the Ski Clubs sleigh rides that took place on Valentine’s day and then again on Friday. She also organized volunteers and one golf course superintendent (slow learner) to help clear a path through the woods from the right side of hole sixteen to Treasure Island Lane. This will be the last leg of the connection route that was started this past fall that will enable all four cross county ski trails to be one continuous loop that will certainly benefit all outdoor enthusiasts during our four great seasons in the Village.

The Lodge Skating Pond awaits you!
Other things that are going on in the Village include the skating pond at the Lodge. We also opened the ice golf course next to the Lodge now that the weather isn’t sub-zero everyday anymore. Everyone that’s coming out and using it is having a blast so get out soon while the weather lasts! Tennis balls await you at the start so just bring a club or two and enjoy. I personally like a five iron and driver, and just use the driver as a putter. However, I got beat by my two youngest boys this weekend so maybe you should ask them what to use.

With around 10 inches of new snow already fallen this week, and 6-12 more predicted to fall late Saturday into Sunday morning, I encourage all of you to get out in the next few weeks and enjoy some of the best winter conditions we may have all year. And yes, the fishing is good too!


-Steve Johnson


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