Let’s be Thankful one more time!

A little over a week ago, many of us were lucky enough to sit down with family and friends to enjoy a great feast and reflect on what we should be thankful for. I think that this is a practice that we all should strive to integrate into our daily lives, but sometimes it is swept aside in our hustle and bustle. Some things in life should truly have more than a single day dedicated to them, but time and time again the daily hustle and bustle sweeps some of these things aside. I hope that by saying it, and putting it into words, I can try to keep myself focused on the positives of life while also trying to drag a few of you along with me.

As I type away this morning, I see the orange glow of the sun starting to rise over the horizon. Shafts of golden winter sunlight shimmer across the thin ice covering Culbertson Lake that I’m so grateful to have in my backward. Most of us do thankfully realize the importance these natural resources play in our lives, and oftentimes is the driving force for why many of us live in the god-forsakenly cold Northwoods. It’s certainly what drives my humble blog and who I am. I’m not sure if we can pay our environment enough respect, but I hope that my pictures over the years have inspired a few of you to want to learn and do more to keep our natural resources in the pristine state they truly deserve.

Sunset Culbertson Creek
I will verify that recently the skies have been kind and we should be thankful for the great weather and plenty of opportunities to view spectacular sunrises and sunsets. I personally dislike the short days we have right now, but if you’re not a early morning nut like me it gives even the novice morning addict an opportunity to watch the sunrise. This is my caffeine for the morning and I certainly don’t like it black; the more colored juice that ma’ nature throws in the better! This morning she’s heavy on the orange but threw in some purple-pinkish clouds to give it that little extra kick we all desire. Another thing we can be thankful for is she never makes the same blend twice.

Montana Sky
I want to end this blog with a huge thanks for you waiting on me to get back into writing these posts, and for you to take time to read them and for the positive feedback.

Ornate Box Turtle in Nebraska
-Steve Johnson


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