In the Fog

This past week has been fairly warm and humid, causing us to have multiple foggy mornings. As I was rolling greens this morning I had some time to think on a host of topics. One of those thoughts was on what was going to be the subject of my blog this week. I was assured just a few days ago that I was going to focus on flowers but then as the fog rolled in it became clear to me what it shall be.

The fog rolling in this morning about 5:30 AM
The deciding factor was not the fog for my blog but what came out of the fog, a golfer that I routinely see out there with a little hitch to his step from the scars that we all carry as we go older. He had big smile on his face and as he approached me he said “I finally attained my dream.” I glanced at the green to expect maybe a perfectly placed shot only to see his ball in the rough. I turned to him to find out what he was referencing when he told me “I finally hit the ball farther than I could see.”

Hole 7 at 7 AM this morning
As he left I thought about the importance of staying positive even when things are not going as one had planned. This winter I attend a class that talked about marketing and the importance of protecting a company’s brand.  The speaker then took a twist and asked if we knew that all of us had a personal brand as well. He followed up by explaining that how we walk, talk and act effects the way others view us and it’s on display 24/7 365. This was an interesting point that most of us don’t exactly think about, even though I know we all have times where we wish that we could have handled ourselves better. Keeping your brand in tip-top condition can be as simple as keeping a smile when the fog rolls in.

-Steve Johnson

Fog can help you see things in a new light sometimes!

2 thoughts on “In the Fog

  1. Juliana Howard

    Thank you, Steve, for a profound and beautiful lesson for all of us…especially those who are facing the challenges of aging. You are so appreciated, for your commitment to the environment, your honest reflections , and your poet’s eye. WE are so lucky to have you tending our greens and our souls.

    Juliana Howard


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