The Wild Side


Learn to enjoy the wild side in you!

After dealing with some technical difficulties with WordPress I’m back up and running!  The positive side to being temporarily lock out of your account is that it gives one a chance to acquire some more pictures that many of my (much appreciated) followers have so positively commented on over the past two years. This week’s main topic is about taking time to get out and enjoy the bountiful blueberry crop that we have this year. With no late spring frosts this year and ample rain, the crop is certainly going to be above average.  This weekend may see crops peaking, with a maximum percentage of ripe berries on the plant. It will quickly go downhill with the warmer temperatures in the forecast so act fast if you want to fill your pails!

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(Posion Ivy) three shiny leaves stay away

I find that the best time to pick is early afternoon, where the plants have dried off and the sun angle is not quite as strong.  If you wait until after supper the mosquitoes can get quite challenging. I find that avoiding areas of tall grass is wise as they can have a high number of ticks right now. Don’t forget that black bears like berries too so if you feel uncomfortable take a can of bear spray and stay out in the open and remember they are almost just as afraid of you as you are them.

For me just having a reason to get outdoors is what I live for, and right now an added bonus is seeing all the different types of wildflowers out there. This week I was lucky enough to spot three different wood lily plants while picking blueberries. The wood lily is a threatened species that is almost endangered and likes semi-open to completely open areas near forest edges. I hope that you have as much fun and luck as I have had wandering and eating my way home.


Wood Lily



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