A real sharp-looking critter!

If you find yourself driving through the Village one day, window down to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors and you just happen to see an animal walking down the road, I can tell you what to not do next. That is to turn the car around, stop the car, jump out of the vehicle with the door wide open, and chase after the thing with the hopes of getting a picture. For me, this scenario happened last week and the animal in question was a Porcupine.

Porcupine climbing tree.

I just wanted a hug!

At the time, chasing after a Porcupine seemed somewhat daring but ultimately fairly low risk, as they are not extremely fast nor vicious as long as you don’t get too close to their tail. Once I caught up to the thing it stopped and started to turn around, showing me its backside in self-defense. We got into some sort of dance of me trying to face it head-on to get a decent picture and it trying to keep its rear pointed at my face. Eventually we got into a position where I was still behind it, but it happened to now be facing the road and, more importantly, my parked car. Before I could even process the circumstances that might transpire, the Porcupine decided to bolt towards my car for safety. It was finally now when my brain realized that I had left the door to my car wide open. It took me a few precious seconds to actually start moving, a part of me frozen with the mental image of what could happen; a huge prickly rodent stuck to my front seat, filling it with quills. Luckily the thing was feeling somewhat merciful to me that day and opted to instead hide under the driver’s-side rocker panel of the old Caprice Classic.  So remember, the next time you see something you want to chase, take time and shut the car door.

This past week we also saw our first run at some warm temperatures that apparently allowed some remaining turtle eggs to hatch from our sand traps, as I saw a cute little painted turtle headed across the number one green.  I took a picture to help you reference how small and fragile they are when they hatch.


Was that a right turn or left?

The fly in this past weekend was a great success and I want to thank all that helped make that happen, or simply took time to be part of it.  On the unfortunate side of things, I saw the emergency helicopter using the airstrip yesterday, but I suppose it makes you appreciate this great asset that we have in the Village. IMG_5213[1]




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