Please Bee Careful

I hope that you all find time to enjoy this wonderful weekend and explore all the things our area has to offer. For the nature hikers out there, this time of the year means that some of the Black Bears have cubs. Even though we all know that mothers can be protective of their young, don’t let this discourage you from enjoying yourself outdoors. In the past century there have been less than 70 fatal Black Bear attacks across North America, according to the North American Bear Center. Most attacks by Black Bears are defensive reactions in response to a person who gets very close to them, which is an easy situation to avoid. A Bear has recently been hanging around the Mullner trail near the Eagle nest so be sure to use caution.

Bear 4 17 (2)

Picture by Kermit VanRoekel

There are many other animals who are currently prepping for and raising their young. I hear the young eagles making a lot of noise trying to get there parents attention on our lake. I also see the foxes are doing well in Voyager and I counted a total of 10 pups playing around by our maintenance shop on hole 18 the other morning. This should help keep the rodents down and may discourage the geese from bringing the young on the course for awhile.


Fox takes it easy

One of the biggest downsides of Spring is certainly all of the pollen in the air, at least for those who suffer from allergies. I feel for you on days like today; my honey bees are providing plenty of proof as they return to their hive that pollen is plentiful right now. They work so hard all year to provide their beekeepers with some of their liquid gold each year and it’s certainly worth it. When you pop open a jar in the middle of the winder you can almost taste the sunshine from a day like today.


Plentiful Pollen

Take care and enjoy the fishing opener on Saturday!



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