This weather is for the Birds

Tuesday morning snow made for a delightful site

This week saw the first spring snow to have fallen since the robins returned from the south. Folklore says that it will snow on them three times before we are done with the white stuff for the season. I did see a chance of rain and snow in the forecast early next week; I hope that we’re not on track to prove this folklore true, as I don’t want to deal with snow anymore. I really do enjoy the beauty of winter, and it’s not too bad to stomach when it’s all melted the same day that it comes. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this, seeing as not very many were excited to see the snow this week. Golfers and some of the birds looked a little confused about what to do next.  The woodcock below seemed to have the right idea to just sit tight and wait it out.

“I knew I should have listened to mom and dad and not fly north so fast.”

We have also been blessed with some nice weekend weather recently and lets hope that this trend continues for everyone’s Easter weekend.  No matter if your main focus is feasting on some great food or just spending some quality time with the family, it’s important to take time to savor the moment.  Time is most important thing in our lives so make the most of it when its in the palm of your hand waiting to be taken!

The Voyager desert bar is always a hit on Easter Sunday

From my family to yours!


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