Out like a Lamb!


Birch Island, very “Lamb Like” on this final day of March

The last day of March went out in style; sunshine, light winds and above normal temperatures were the theme for today and most of this week. The maintenance staff took advantage of the nice weather by installing a couple of long steel poles that hold our new dock in place at Lake Little Bear. Since the water drops off so quickly we need support poles that are 35 feet long. A special barge was brought in to help us with this task.


35 foot pole being slid into place

Emmett, the owner of the barge, is no stranger to running a lift or handling tall tasks. He actually was the guy who ran the crane that installed the new three hundred foot cell tower in Web Lake. Believe it or not he actually flew a drone and operated the crane at the same time in order to get an aerial view and make things a little easier.

The boat landing at Little Bear was also fixed today, as good as we can do for the time being. Caution should be used until more concrete pads can be hauled in and installed. Little Bear beach house will also be the location for the start of my Earth Day seminar on April 22nd at 1 pm.  We will be learning about a host of tree issues including whatever might concerns the attendees.  Then we will be going across the street to try and find some desired specimens for everyone to take back with them to their house or other areas in Voyager.


This tree has signs that it could fall on your house or garage


Hundreds of trees need you. Please come give them a home!


As we leave winter behind us I wanted to share a couple of pictures of things that I found interesting around the golf course.  This past winter with the water levels high the ice has pushed up mounds of dirt around our lakes, including on Birch Island by our par 3 course. The wind also made it marks in many ways, as it blew piles of sand out of our sand traps and caused some problems that will haunt us for sometime.


Line drawn in the sand between greens tarp and sand that blew out of the trap.


Ice push on three green, par 3



One thought on “Out like a Lamb!

  1. Thanks for all these awesome updates and pictures on your “blog” I live in Illinois and count the days until I can get back up to my favorite place and your words always put a smile on my face!!


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